Review from The Sparkling Blueberry about us.

Or I could give the title; A Hair Salon Like No Other.
There is this amazing little space in the hearth of The Pijp in Amsterdam, that I recently discovered, and it literally changed my whole view on “Good Hair Salons” and what I thought good service is. You want to know why? Read on!

I’m not a “blowout every week” type of hair salon client, I go three times a year (or less) but then I cut, colour and everything whats possible. I was used to the standard, not so personalized care, and the fast phased, sometimes frustrating work style of the hair stylists, who maybe had 10 clients before you, and 10 more after you and basically lost their passion about what they are doing and just do the routine.

Stamatia Gotsi, – Owner of the StaAn Studio – is different.

Stamatia (Hairdresser, Hair Practicioner, Life Coach – NLP) and her partner the Photographer André Bakker have worked together for many years and have decided to combine parts of their professions in StaAn Studio. So in the studio a lot is going on: portraits shoots, photography workshops, hairdressing, make-up lessons, styling and image workshops, etc.

The salon has an unique atmosphere, that makes you wish you could stay much longer than you were first intended to. For me the most amazing thing – after the worlds best head massage – was that, however I went there with an exact idea (to be blonde) I left with a beautiful, but very much healthier hair-do. Because Stamatia really took care of my hair. She explained me the dark side of going fully blonde from my quite dark base colour, she suggested me another option that was using less harmful products to reach a colour ,that suits me much more than the cold blonde I had in mind. The decision was in my hand. I chose to go on the healthier road, and I did not regret it for a single second.

Stamatia’s Philosophy: I believe in “less is more and do the right things” to have beautiful & healthy hair! Healthy hair is my passion! In my studio I want to take care of every individual guest depending on his or her wishes and needs. This means I only work on appointment, so I can keep to my ‘one on one’ philosophy and provide everybody with their own personal care. It needs to be a place for relaxation as well.

As I already mentioned she is much more than a hairstylist. She is a qualified Hair Practitionerthat means she not just styles your hair, but can help to cure the problems you might experiencing with it such as hair loss, psoriasis or hair breakage. A Hair Practitioner examines your hair and scalp and the hair-products you use.

“With a hair and scalp analysis I can help you find underlying problems and any nutritional deficiencies you might have. I also count with your eating habits and what, if any, supplements are you taking. A hair-product analysis for example is very important as many products contain substances that are really bad for your hair and scalp without you knowing this. So I check these for their ingredients too. Then with all this information I can make an analysis, and give you advice on the use of hair treatment, hair-products, food, nutrition and supplements that can help you to get back your healthy locks” – explains Stamatia.

So if you are saying yes to any of the following, the best place to go is the StaAn Studio;

  • looking for a hairdresser that gives you real ‘one on one’ attention?
  • want to have a hair & scalp analysis?
  • want to have a quality haircut that really matches your features?
  • want to have a color specialist, that works with gentle, conventional and the organic way; herbal colors?
  • like to have healthy hair and skin?
  • want to use organic hair care products ?
  • want to be in a quiet, relaxing environment?
  • want to have beauty & styling coaching?
  • looking for quality portraits with the whole package: Hair, Make up & Photography?


Visit the website or they facebook page to know more and to book your appointment!