I believe in personal transformation.

Life is constantly changing and each one of us is constantly evolving. Because of that, I believe that we are not limited by our past. While our history may have shaped us up to this point, we are, at any moment, free to choose a new direction for our life.

At some point, we all need somebody who can remind us of who we really are.

As your coach, it is my intention to assist you in rediscovering your inner power and help stir you towards the greatest version of yourself. During our session, we will focus on resolving your mental stumbling blocks, releasing your fears, strengthening your self-confidence and equipping you with an empowering vocabulary. We will also look at ways in which you can turn the vision you hold for yourself, into reality.

I am here to help you thrive!

I love nothing more than to support people in developing a healthy regard for themselves because a positive relationship with yourself is the foundation from which you can express your full potential. And when you thrive, the world around you does too.

(I am able to offer coaching sessions in English, German, Dutch or Greek.)


Learn how to find your own authentic path and unfold your full potential.



I organize various workshops on personality development and health.



Kind words


After starting a new job, moving countries and separating from my husband Stama introduced me to BARs to help me make sense of all the changes and to help deal with the emotional trauma. A BARS session with Stama gives you so much. Not only is the therapy expertly and compassionately administered but you have a full coaching session to help you understand the profound realisations that you experience and to apply them authentically into everyday life. The therapy combined with Stama’s unfailing support has been instrumental in me making huge changes and regaining my sense of self and happiness.

— Harriet King


Stama has facilitated 2 constellation therapy groups at her Staan studio. The quality and thus the impact of the sessions were breathtaking. Profound realisations and deep healing from long held trauma has literally been life changing. Not only is the quality of the healing second to none, Stama has an acute ability to curate groups that are empathetic and supportive. The impact of the sessions are immediate but the positive change is continuous. These sessions coupled with the BARs and coaching have opened up so many possibilities for me and have set me firmly on the path of happiness and self love.

— Harriet King



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