Hair is an important part of our identity. It conveys who we are. 

Beautiful hair is an expression of our health, personality and power. Because of that, is important to me to treat your hair with utmost respect. It should look great with little effort and with my knowledge and skills I am able to guide you in choosing the right haircut and colour to suit your hair texture, shape as well as facial structure while taking your wishes into account.

I am a Master hairdresser with 30 years of experience and whether you want a trim or a complete transformation, my focus is always on the person as a whole. Because I have great regard for both people and the environment and believe in the healing properties of plants, I work exclusively with a small range of carefully selected, natural and 100% organic haircare products and dyes. (Why organic?)


Herbal Colouring

I am a herbal colour specialist because using plant-based, organic products has many benefits. The biologically active substances they contain will make your hair shine and give it volume, while increasing its natural elasticity. The natural ingredients are also much gentler on your body as well as the environment.

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Hair & Scalp analysis

I specialise in hair & health because I noticed that many people experience problems with their hair and scalp in the way of hair loss, psoriasis and hair breakage.

Through a hair and scalp diagnosis I can help you find the underlying problems and discover any nutritional deficiencies you might have. I will examine your hair and scalp and ask you questions about the haircare products you use, your eating habits and any supplements you might take. With this information, I can then make a diagnosis and advice you on the steps you can take to improve the health of your hair.


Make up Less with Mineral Make up

Natürliche Schönheit durch Mineral Make Up von Angels Minerals. Zertifizierte Naturkosmetik und Vegan. Das Mineralpuder besteht aus Mineralien die die Haut sanft beruhigt und durch die Oxide hat es sogar einen natürlichen Sonnenschutz. Das Puder liegt sanft und leicht auf und der Haut und lasst sie strahlender aussehen. 

Als erfahrene Make Up Artist für Film und Fernsehen, zeige ich dir alle Tipps und Tricks wie du ein natürliches Tageslook oder eins für einen besonderes Event machst. Angepasst an deine Hautfarbe zeige ich dir die richtigen Farben die deinen Typ unterstreichen . Schritt für schritt üben wir dann gemeinsam alle Handgriffe so, dass du es dann zuhause easy nachmachen kannst.

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Organic Haircare

Organic hair & skincare products are manufactured from ingredients grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers. This means less damage to the soil and environment and more in keeping with safe ecological standards and practices.

Your skin absorbs things easily. Anything that is applied to the skin - such as shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, lipsticks, deodorants, and other cosmetics are absorbed into the body and into the blood stream just as if you’d eaten it.

Organic products just work better. Non toxic hair & skin care products are more effective simply because they are made with ingredients that don't disrupt your body's natural state. Since what you put on your skin will end up in your body, treat your body well and you will feel and look your best. 

This why I do love to work with pur organic products. With respect for you, me and the world we life in. 


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Brush your hair & Scalp Healthy

Durch die richtige Haar,-und Kopfhautpflege wächst ihr Haar gesund und kräftig. Dazu gehört auch das richtige bürsten. Durch das richtige bürsten wird die Durchblutung angeregt und der Stoffwechsel funktioniert besser. Da die Haut ein Ausseidungsorgan ist, scheiden wir Toxine durch die Kopfhaut aus. Manchmal sind sie als Schuppen auf der Haut zu sehen. Diese werden oft nicht Komplet durch  das Haare waschen entfernt. Das bürsten funktioniert hier wie ein art Peeling und hilft der Haut zu "atmen". Es beruhigt und reguliert die Talgproduktion. Nach ungefähr 1-2 Monate täglichen bürsten kann eine Verbesserung eintreten. .

Ausserdem ist es ein schönes Ritual den Tag damit zu beginnen. 

Ich zeige dir gerne die richtige Technik.


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Price List

Haircut and coaching

1,5 HOURS • €90

With the Now® haircut, I invite you to take a rest, be mindful, to turn inward. We create a space where you go on an inner journey and connect with your senses. Relaxing and meditative, this hair work can have a powerful, cleansing and restorative effect.

Hair and scalp analysis


With the hair and skin analysis, I take a closer look at the hair texture and skin. Your hair must not be washed for at least 2 days. Bring your care products or photos of the ingredients.. 


Hair & Scalp treatments from

10 - 60 MINUTES• €10 - €50


Haircut & styling from

60 MINUTES•€55 - €60    


Haircut man



Blow dry from



Organic herbal colouring from



Double herbal colouring from



Highlights & Lowlights from



Dyeing of Eyelashes



Dyeing of Eyebrows



Eyebrows in shape



Make-up Lesson with organic products