Learn how to find your own authentic path and unfold your full potential.

Life is constantly changing and each one of us is constantly evolving. Because of that, I believe that we are not limited by our past. While our history may have shaped us up to this point, we are, at any moment, free to choose a new direction for our life.

At some point, we all need somebody who can remind us of who we really are. 

As your coach, it is my intention to assist you in rediscovering your inner power and help stir you towards the greatest version of yourself. During our session, we will focus on resolving your mental stumbling blocks, releasing your fears, strengthening your self-confidence and equipping you with an empowering vocabulary. We will also look at ways in which you can turn the vision you hold for yourself, into reality.

I am here to help you thrive! 

I love nothing more than to support people in developing a healthy regard for themselves because a positive relationship with yourself is the foundation from which you can express your full potential. And when you thrive, the world around you does too.

(I am able to offer coaching sessions in English, German, Dutch or Greek.)


My offer


Your basic coaching package

An initial coaching, 2 sessions (1 hour each) personally  in my studio in Amsterdam or via Skype or Zoom - and one follow-up sessions.

Advanced Coaching 

An initial coaching, personally  - in my studio in Amsterdam or via Skype or Zoom. Duration varie

Essence of Beauty, It is all about the essence of your Beauty.

Define the beauty in your life. In your home, with your body, mind, relationships, work.

A singel hour 

1 HOUR €90



Ready to become the most authentic and beautiful version of yourself?

Let’s go!

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