Honor the circle of life. Connect with your true essence, shine like a true gem.

We are born to sets of rules and norms but, while these can inspire us, they shouldn’t define us and they definitely should not limit us in reaching our full potential. We are free to choose who we are, to live life the way we want to, and to shape our own happiness like a true gem - both inside and out - by living gently upon this earth. It’s fun too.

Who we are reflects how we look; and how we look is nothing more than a means to express ourselves. In my coaching I look into giving you the tools to play with how to feel and look good.

I combine coaching with eco- hair and beauty styling, and eco-living tips. Get in touch so that we can discuss how we can work together in finding your way to your true you. 

·      Less is more

·      Key words to share about your coaching philosophy (FIVE SENTENCES MAXIMUM): 

o  See myself through my own eyes, not others

o  Wisdom is in us

o  It’s more relaxed to be myself

o  If I connect with my inner joy, I see the world through the eyes of a child

o  Go outside and play

o  Date with myself

o  Exciting to meet me

o  All answers are within me 

o  Open arms to meet a new person 

o  Coaching is just connecting, feeling, caring, sharing, playing, connecting with your innerself, and creating a new reality.

o  Step-by-step. It takes time to hear the inner voice and takes time to play with who we are.

o  It’s about being honest with ourselves.

o  We can all play with who we are

o  Sharing in the here and now

·      Once you describe your philosophy, invite the user again to start the conversation