I combine live-coaching with eco-beauty coaching (hair & skin), and eco-living tips. I believe we find our balance through this holistic three-way approach where we work on our inner soul, our appearance, and in taking care of the world we live in – after all, we’ve only got one planet we can call home. What do you want to re-shape right now?


Life- Coaching

Eco Beauty Coaching


Re-shape your feelings

Through coaching techniques, we let go of old thought systems and convictions, re-programme routines to express self-love, and create new healthy habits. You’ll break free from the expectations of others, connect with yourself, embrace your essence, and be who you truly are.

Re-shape your look

Sometimes a haircut starts an inner (r)evolution. The outside helps us guide within. I apply mindfulness hairstyle and beauty where we work out the past and unlock your true self. You’ll be able to showcase your true nature through a new hair style and luxurious beauty routine. All 100% natural, organic, and vegan products to cater to your beauty needs.

The power of nature


Re-Connect to mother nature

My mindfulness approach to beauty focusses on 100% natural, organic, and vegan luxurious products that help you achieve the look that reflecting your authentic you.

Look good, feel good, live well.



Re- connect with the divine in you

Connect with your higher self and explore your spirituality.


I want to create and discover with you. So how do we play?

What would you like to do?