How we work

I’m Here To Help You Thrive

I combine coaching with (hair and beauty) styling, and eco-living tips. I believe we find our balance through this holistic three-way approach where we work on our inner soul, our appearance, and in taking care of the world we live in – after all, we’ve only got one planet we can call home. 

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Feel Like You  

Through coaching techniques, we let go of old thought systems and convictions, re-programme routines to express self-love, and create new healthy habits. You’ll break free from the expectations of others, connect with yourself, embrace your essence, and be who you truly are. 


Look like you  

Sometimes a haircut starts an inner (r)evolution. The outside helps us guide within. I apply mindfulness hairstyle and beauty where we work out the past and unlock your true self. You’ll be able to showcase your true nature through a new hair style and luxurious beauty routine. All 100% natural, organic, and vegan products to cater to your beauty needs. 


Live like you  

Detangle yourself from old routines, set-up new healthy habits that reflect who you really are. Learn new skills in how to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle while respecting and loving nature and our planet. Loving our home (our planet) is the first step to loving ourselves. In nature we find all our answers and needs.  

Show Off Your True You

Who we are reflects how we look; and how we look is nothing more than a means to express ourselves. 

In my coaching I look into giving you the tools to feel and look good.

My mindfulness approach to beauty focusses on 100% natural, organic, and vegan luxurious products that help you achieve the look you want. 

Look good, feel good, live well. 

Mindfulness Haircut

Release tension, cut ties with unwanted thoughts, and look like your true self. During our session, we explore what is preventing you from looking like the true you. We transform your old convictions into new thought systems and seal it with a new hairstyle that reflects who you really are. Out with the old, in with the (n)you. 



Embrace your new beauty  

Get to know your hair and skin to showcase their own full potential too. Find out about the best ingredients to nourish your body. Learn beauty tricks and techniques that work best for you and don’t harm the environment. Develop new hair and beauty routines to reflect your hair and skin’s needs. 



Honest eco-beauty products

Explore a wonderful range of 100% natural, organic, and vegan products, free of chemicals, and conceived in a transparent and honest manner so that they don’t cause any damage to your health or to our beautiful planet.