What an amazing experience!

Stama's expertise combined with the patience and energy she gives is fantastic. I was given 2 hours when Stama analyzed my hair, told me how to take care out it and answered every single question. Thank you Stama.

— Kasia Barbara Kochańska

Every visit is a real pleasure!

It took me 10 years to find my hairdresser in Amsterdam. But Stama is not just a hairdresser actually, she is a true hair expert! Thank you, Stama!

— Antoaneta Todorova


After starting a new job, moving countries and separating from my husband Stama introduced me to BARs to help me make sense of all the changes and to help deal with the emotional trauma. A BARS session with Stama gives you so much. Not only is the therapy expertly and compassionately administered but you have a full coaching session to help you understand the profound realisations that you experience and to apply them authentically into everyday life. The therapy combined with Stama’s unfailing support has been instrumental in me making huge changes and regaining my sense of self and happiness.

— Harriet King

Stama was recommended to me by a friend for her superior hair dressing skills.

After years of always being dissatisfied and thus multiple style changes, Stama not only restored my hair to its full health, but the colour and style is nothing short of glorious. After continuously reviewing my scalp and hair health, Stama recommended chemical free hair dye that has not only improved the state of my scalp but is the best colour I have ever had. For the first time ever, I now have the same treatment at each appointment - I’m so happy with the result that there’s no need to change. In the past the result was never quite what I wanted, but with Stama it is perfect every time!

— Harriet King

Stama is adorable.

She offers a wonderful experience to the customer, in a very personal way, with unique organic products she has selected with a lot of care. She listens, provides very good advice about natural health and organic cosmetics, and makes sure you are relaxed and having a nice time. Also, wonderful head massage!

— Victoria Arias



Stama has facilitated 2 constellation therapy groups at her Staan studio. The quality and thus the impact of the sessions were breathtaking. Profound realisations and deep healing from long held trauma has literally been life changing. Not only is the quality of the healing second to none, Stama has an acute ability to curate groups that are empathetic and supportive. The impact of the sessions are immediate but the positive change is continuous. These sessions coupled with the BARs and coaching have opened up so many possibilities for me and have set me firmly on the path of happiness and self love.

— Harriet King



Stamatia is amazing!

She took all time necessary to understand my needs and make sure I'm delighted with my haircolor and haircut. She is also a pleasant and insightful person to talk to. I am honestly grateful with the result!

— Stella Pachidi