Mindful Beauty


Show Off Your True You

Who we are reflects how we look; and how we look is nothing more than a means to express ourselves. In my coaching I look into giving you the tools to feel and look good.My mindfulness approach to beauty focusses on 100% natural, organic, and vegan luxurious products that help you achieve the look you want. 

Look good, feel good, live well. 


Embrace your new beauty  

Get to know your hair and skin to showcase their own full potential too. Find out about the best ingredients to nourish your body. Learn beauty tricks and techniques that work best for you and don’t harm the environment. Develop new hair and beauty routines to reflect your hair and skin’s needs.  

Hair analyse


I specialise in hair & health because I noticed that many people experience problems with their hair and scalp in the way of hair loss, psoriasis and hair breakage.

Through a hair and scalp diagnosis I can help you find the underlying problems and discover any nutritional deficiencies you might have. I will examine your hair and scalp and ask you questions about the haircare products you use, your eating habits and any supplements you might take. With this information, I can then make a diagnosis and advice you on the steps you can take to improve the health of your hair and scalp.

  • Hair and scalp analysis


With the hair and skin analysis, I take a closer look at the hair texture and skin. Your hair must not be washed for at least 2 days. Also bring your haircare products with you, or photos of the ingredients. 


Mindfulness Haircut

Release tension, cut ties with unwanted thoughts, and look like your true self. During our session, we explore what is preventing you from looking like the true you. We transform your old convictions into new thought systems and seal it with a new hairstyle that reflects who you really are. Out with the old, in with the (n)you. 


Honest eco-beauty products because YOUR BODY DESERVES THE BEST CARE NATURE HAS TO OFFER.

Explore a wonderful range of 100% natural, organic, and vegan products, free of chemicals, and conceived in a transparent and honest manner so that they don’t cause any damage to your health or to our beautiful planet.

Honest organic hair & skincare products are manufactured from ingredients grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers. This means less damage to the soil and environment and more in keeping with safe ecological standards and practices.  


Herbal colouring

Natural dyes not only dye the hair, but also maintain a healthy appearance.

How exactly do natural dyes work?

The best quality natural-dye consists of 100% organic farming. They consist of various dried grounded plants and woods.

These are mixed into a viscous substance, with hot water and depending on the color, a bit of apple-vinegar.

There are several plants providing different shades of color: indigo, walnut shell, chamomile, turmeric, beetroot, caraway, coffee, saffron and many more. The synergy of the various phyto-pigments determines the quality of the mixture and the color shade. Since it's a physical hair color, the pigments wrap around the hair like a layer and adapt to one's own hair color. The own hair color plays an important role in coloring. Since your natural hair color consists of more than just one tone, dyeing with natural hair dyes results in a natural play of colors and unique outcomes.

From blond, red, brown, to black tones many colors are possible. And with a double dyeing process, even a 100% grey coverage is possible. However, I personally prefer a color with slitty different natural shades. Besides, it will grow out more gently without a hard transition. Some other positive effect is that the hair feels thicker, it shines more, looks more vivid and feels stronger. In the first 2-3 weeks it also has more volume.

Another plus for those who tend to have an oily scalp is that the production of sebum will decrease for the next 2-3 weeks as it has a calming effect on the sebaceous glands.

 One thing that does not work with natural dyes is:

            Going from a darker to a brighter color (the color does often seem brighter, though).

            Different color changes from light to dark and back such as purple tones do not work either.






Selfcare tools

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